The Shaws is a duo of husband and wife Steven and Lauren Shaw who lead worship in Orange County, CA. Their special talents include growing fierce beards (Steven), shopping vintage (Lauren), loving their son (Eli) and being passionate advocates for adoption.

Married for over 10 years their love for God, love for each other and desire to create music that truly glorifies God has been growing every day. Discontent with the shallow pop-worship music found in today’s Christian culture, The Shaws have a special passion and gift to write, rewrite and revamp songs with the intention of ensuring that the music remains faithful to the Gospel message, while bringing a fresh new sound to classic hymns as well as from their original compilations.

Have a listen, be blessed, share with others and support our ministry!

“We pray that this will be our lifelong ministry and that God will use it to draw others closer to Him.” ~The Shaws

“The Shaws have been swimming in the forgotten hymnodies of old and are bringing those classics forward into the here and now in their own unique way.”
~Derick Zeulner
Pastor at South Shores Church
Dana Point, CA.